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The 2015-16 Columbus Blue Jackets Season Is Here!

After six long months of waiting, it’s finally here.  The 2015-16 NHL season, starring YOUR, Columbus Blue Jackets.

We’ve had to endure an entire playoff season, off season, free agency, draft and the preseason.  From watching the BlackHawks win the Stanley Cup to watching Conner McDavid go first overall, we’ve had to watch it all.  Watching top free agents choose the usual teams to go to in free agency, to watching guys who we thought would be signed, just sit around and wait for a call.

CBJ fans did get a shock when Jarmo pulled off a trade for Brandon Saad.  After a few months of anticipation, that trade seems to make fans happy now, even before he has played a regular season game.  And finally naming Nick Foligno Captain, that was amazing.

The entire off season was spent by many hoping and praying that the team would stay healthy and avoid the “I” word.  I’ll leave that subject alone now.

Watching the team in preseason EXPLODE in goal scoring was a plus.  The first line scoring 29 points made a lot of people happy as well.  This team will score a lot of goals, but can the defense help Bobrovsky?  I think the defense is deservedly underrated.

And then just yesterday, the team named Brandon Dubinsky and Boone Jenner alternate captains.  This made a lot of people happy, and honestly shocked me, I thought the same guys would hold he A’s.

Well here we are, the season is upon us.  How will team fare?  How many games can they win?  Can the team shake off the historic slow starts?  If not, how long does HCTR last?  These are all questions that we will have answers to very soon.

Buckle up boys and girls, this is going to be exciting!

Fire The Cannon!

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