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Blue Jackets Start Slow…Again!

The Blue Jackets started their season on the 9th.  In a span of four days, the mood went from elation and hype, to disappointment.

The CBJ played back to back against the Rangers, and the Rangers managed to sweep that home in home.  The worst part was that it took about 7 minutes of play out of 120 to do it.  The Jackets took a late lead in game 1 of the season, only to see NYR score 3 times in matter of just a few minutes.

In game 2, they managed to give up three goals in the first four minutes of the first to seal the deal.  They put together a late surge, but it was way too late.

Yesterday, the Sabres had an answer for every move the CBJ made.  Too many penalties and sluggish play did them in.  Not much more to say about that game.

I went back and looked at the previous 3 seasons, including the lockout shortened season of 12-13.  I at first wanted to only look at the October months in regards to slow starts, but in fairness to the team and coaching staff, I expanded my research to include the second month of the season.  So for the 12-13 season, this includes February.  I am only looking at win/loss records, nothing else.  Also, OTLs are losses in this piece.

The lockout season of 2012-13 started in January of that year, but they still played Eight games.  The CBJ went 2-6 in January.  By the end of February, they tallied a record of 7-14.

The 2013-14 opening month was more of the same.  The team went 4-7 in October.  At the end of November the record was 8-18.

The 2014-15 season started exactly the same as the previous 2 seasons.  The team went 4-6 in October, and at the end of November, they had a record of 6-17.

So who or what is to blame for the slow starts?  One could argue, if not for the slow start during the lockout season, they would have made the playoffs.  And after last years amazing finish, they would have for sure made the playoffs. Why do I think that?  Well, in December they had an 8 game win streak and couldn’t come back to the pack.  If not for the terrible November, they would’ve been in for sure.

I admit, I have been on the “Todd Richards Should be on the hot seat” train after the 0-3 start.  BUT, after going back and looking, maybe he does deserve two months of play.  But is it worth it “to test it out”?  How far out will they be if they continue on this pace?  I’m not one to usually panic, but with the lofty expectations for this team, and the fans who have gone “all in”, something needs to happen.  None of us will be able to do that, the players and organization must do that.  Good Luck!

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