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Jarmo And The Jackets Stand Pat, Make No Moves At The Deadline

Trade Deadline 2016 has come and gone, the dust has settled, and it was uneventful for the CBJ.

Jarmo Kekalainen said yesterday that he didn’t field that many calls.  Why?  One can only guess at this point, but certain fans expected everything to be blown up and that did not happen.  So what Now?

My guess, and this is my opinion only, is that the return for guys such as Fedor Tyutin, Jack Johnson and Scott Hartnell were just too low.  Yes, I get it, some of you despise these guys, but why trade them if they’re just going to get back someone that will be gone in 2 months?  Fedor Tyutin has been here for eight years, so my guess is that they are being loyal to him.  He doesn’t want to leave, and if the return was too low, keep him.  He’s not a terrible player like some of you think.

So the “fans” of David Clarkson, Rene Bourque, Jared Boll and yes even Nick Foligno (yes, there were people calling for him to be traded) had a bad day yesterday, and I’m ok with that, sorry!  Clarkson and Boll were never going to be traded.  Bourque was put on waivers to try to get someone to pick him up and it failed.  And Nick Foligno, well, please just hand in your fan card now please, because those of you calling for him to be traded are just insane.

Bourque is UFA at the end of the season, so those of you that despise him for some reason can rest at night knowing he will be gone soon.  Which I don’t get, and probably never will, but ok.  Some of you act like he’s been here for years.

Clarkson, well, yes it’s a bad situation, but I guess we could still have Horton, sitting at home, paying him 6.5 million a year to sit there, yes, that’s a good idea.

Jared Boll?  Let him live!  The guy has been a loyal part of this organization, and I bet that after his playing days, he becomes an employee of the team some where.  The guy is all heart.  I will never slander him, sorry!

Nick Foligno?  Ok, I’m done with that non-sense.

Yes, the CBJ are still building.  They peaked a little early and I think they realize that.  When the summer comes, we will see moves, we will lose players we love, and we will see players come here we never thought would be here.  But you know what?  That’s ok for me.  Some people “fan” with their emotions, and some people “fan” with their heads, either way you’re right, and wrong.  There are still games to be played this year, and it looks like the roster that is on the ice, will remain for the rest of the year.

So stop your belly aching about players and enjoy the rest of the reason!



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