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1st Period Update — CBJ 1 Pittsburgh 0

What a crowd, what an effort!!!! After enduring the first five minutes of full frontal assault by the Penguins, the Jackets found their legs, got the puck deep, and got playing Hitch-Hockey. Mason was instrumental in keeping things at bay until we got into rhythm.

Huselius threw a beautiful change-up through the 5 hole, and the forecheck really had the Penguins off guard. Voracek has been huge, Nash and Huselius strong, and Williams, Novotny looking good. Russel and usual suspects have been solid on defense, but need to be a little more careful with the puck.

10-10 in shots, 2-0 in takeaways, 9-5 in faceoffs, 1 giveaway to 2 for Pitt, close in hits CBJ 9, Pitt 11.

Keep it up boys!!!

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