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What Happens Now?

It was a long ride home last night after the game.  A drive that normally takes me 15 minutes felt like 45.  Normally when I leave games, I listen to the post game interviews and analysis.  But having been in the interviews and post game press conference, I didn’t need to.  Thank Goodness!

Leaving upstairs and heading down to the locker room and post game press conference was weird.  Everyone was quiet, from the ushers to the fine gentlemen that operate the elevators, to the media, players and, well, everyone.

As quiet as it was in the deepest parts of NWA, it felt like a powder keg, the quiet before the storm, you get the idea.  It feels as if something is about to happen.  But what could that be?  Major scratches? Trades? Demotions? Coaching Change? Lots of questions need to be answered.

Lots of positive fans are saying “give them time” and “it’s only four games”, but I don’t think they realize that it may be too late.  This team has a history of slow starts, and if not for those slow starts, they may have may the playoffs last season, even with all of the injuries.

The negative fans want changes, now!  But what kind of changes do they make?  No one seems to have a clear answer.  The negative fans seem to just want to vent, which is fine with me.

I have always been a positive person when it comes to this franchise.  Even through all the bad times, I was positive.  I still am.  But, I am realistic as well.  This team has Jarmo and JD leading the way, something tells me they are not just going to sit back and let this happen.  Past regimes would let this linger for months and then try to do something to change it, if you’re going to change it, do it now!  I’m not advocating a coaching change, I like HCTR alot, but he is clearly on the hot seat, especially with the expectations of this team.  His teams have a terrible history of rough starts, starting in October and continuing into November.  And then once the team is out of the picture, they seem to pick it up.

Something needs to be done.  Anyone have any real suggestions?  I need to see more hugs ASAP!

I love this team and will always support them!


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