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Please! Don’t Say The “S” Word…EVER!!!!!

The CBJ beat the Buffalo Sabres last night 5-1, Great right?

The CBJ had 5 different goal scorers, Great right?

Bob stopped 34 of 35 Sabre shots, Great right? NO! IT’S NOT GREAT!

The guy in front of me, sitting with his family was pretty quiet for the most part.  Rooting for the Jackets and cheering, slapping high 5’s, Great right?

Well with about 10 minutes left in the game, and it being 4-0 at this point, it was kind of quiet in my section.  With him being only 2 rows in front of us, I could hear basically everything he was saying.  One of his people comes and sits next to him, and I hear him say the following : “You get a treat tonight, you get to watch the Jackets win, and see Bob get a shutout!” WHAT!?!?!??!  I immediately said to the person sitting with me ” I swear if they score I’m throwing something at him “.  Why would you say that?  Are you a real fan? Do you even understand?  This stuff is real man!

Well, guess what? About 6 minutes later it happened, the Sabres scored.  I immediately started yelling in his general direction. I didn’t throw anything, but I felt like it.  Why would you ruin Bob’s shutout bid? How could you do this to the team? That shutout may play a key role in the Vezina race.  I continued to yell and be frustrated.  The guys sitting next to me echoed my sentiment saying ” Dude, I hate that, I’ve gotten into fights over that word! ”

I’ve never been so frustrated about a win in my life LOL! Just shut your mouth when your team is shutting the other team out late in the game, easy as that!  Do you hate your team?  Do you hate your goalie?  That’s the only thing I can think about when someone says that word.

Moral of the story…Cheer on your team. Be loud and proud. But for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT under any circumstances, say the “S” word late in the game, when it could actually happen.  Don’t do it, period!

Rant Over!


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