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Hello out there in #CBJ land!  Its been a long time since we’ve been able to bring you any content, and for that, we apologize!

This is a hobby for us, and when real life hits, this kind of stuff takes a back seat.  We still watch the games and tweet and talk about it, but writing takes time and it’s tough to meet those demands sometimes.  Also with regards to last season, it was too fun to watch.  I would rather watch and cheer than write about it!

So I thought I would tell some of our new fans who we are, and what we do. is not a media site!  We do not claim to be the media in any way shape or form.  We are fans, first and foremost.  We root for the team.  Cry with the team.  Yell at the team, you get the idea.  We post some opinion pieces, but again, we are not the media.  So don’t expect too much insider info, leaks or anything like that.  I don’t have people inside, I was once one of those guys who had media credentials, but that ship has passed.

We will post opinions, some of which that may make you mad, or you may actually agree.  We will post game recaps, strictly based off of stats and actually watching the games.  We don’t claim to be experts in anything except being a fan.

We’ve done some fan stuff as well.  Interviewing fans of rival teams, I hope to get that series back up and running soon.  It was fun when we did that, seeing the other side of things for a change.  Most fans from other teams are actually respectful.

So don’t be afraid to interact with us, we love it!  Spread the word.  We’re not fancy and we don’t have corporate money to boost our site, we are strictly word of mouth.  We don’t have fancy ads for you to click on.  We don’t make money when you go to our site.   We don’t have any local celebs or high profile people with us. We are not click bait!  I know that’s important to a lot of you.  

So that’s us!  I am going to try to post more this season.  Just for you!  Feel free to interact with us.  Most of you reading this do anyway, but feel free to pass this along. is a CBJ blog Original.  The late Jeff Little was one of the first writers for this site back in 2008, so I kind of owe it to him to keep this thing going, and that is what I plan on doing.

Thanks in advance for your reads, and I hope to interact with you all as this season continues.  Have fun everyone!

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