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CBJ Win Again!

The Jackets went into New Jersey last night having just beat the Avs a few days before.  Their record is 1-8, but something felt different with the players attitudes.  They seem confident again, Bob is gaining some of his back as well.  All this after just one win? Why not?

Last nights game had CBJ fans excited.  A chance to win a division game, on the road, with a CBJ team that wants to play arrogant and with confidence.  So of course they would come out hitting anything that moved, shooting the lights out, and making the Devils pay for stepping on the ice with them, right? Right?

Ok, back to real life.  The Jackets came out flat, and had very little control of the puck in the first period.  The mustered two shots on goal. Two.  The Devils didn’t really do any better.  They managed just eight shots on goal, and had two power plays to boot, and still couldn’t get more shots through.  End of 1 period, no score.

So here comes the second period, both teams were going to come out guns ablazin’ right? Right? No so fast!  Both teams had two power plays a piece, yet could get nothing going offensively.  The Jackets had six shots and the Devils seven.  End of two periods, no score.

Third period, there has to be something happen right?  Boring hockey is just that, boring.  We want scoring, hitting, blocking, penalties, something.  Boone Jenner on line 1!  9:03 into the third period, Boone Jenner finally got the Jackets on the board with his 6th goal of the season.  Jenner is really playing well right now.

With the lack of shots and decent goalie play for both teams, one goal should be enough right? Well not if Cam Atkinson has anything to say about it.  35 seconds after Jenner scored, Cam put one past Cory Schneider to make it 2-0.  That surely would be enough scoring.

Five minutes after Atkinsons goal, Scott Hartnell buried one to put the final nail in the coffin.  Good thing too, since the Devils got a late PP and went 6-4 and scored a goal to make it 3-1.

Thats how the game would end.  The jackets have won back to back games since starting 0-8.  This game lacked everything you would expect from a division match up.  The hit totals were in the mid 20’s for both teams.  The only excitement was that 8 minute stretch in the third period where all four goals were scored.

The Jackets are 2-1 on this four game road trip.  Now it’s off to Washington, an explosive team playing very well.  If the Jackets have got their mojo back, and play the way they should, they can win this game, they can win every game.  Good Luck!

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