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The Blue Jackets Seem To Be “All In”, Are you?

Last month, the CBJ opened free agency by trading Brandon Saad back to the BlackHawks for Artemi Panarin.  This deal shook both fan bases.  Jackets fans quickly realized, after the shock wore off, that the CBJ were getting a superstar in Panarin, and became very excited, I know I was.  My 6 year old son, Trevor, who absolutely adores Brandon Saad was fairly rattled by the news.  But after some light conversation, he was on board with Panarin, and even learned his nickname “The Breadman” and loved it.

As the free agency period wore on, CBJ fans seemed to become more and more frustrated by the fact that no moves were being made.  Other than losing Sam Gagner to free agency and buying out Scotty Hartnell, nothing of real significance was being done.  My question to them was “who are you getting rid of? and who do you want to bring in?”

The CBJ are not going to sign or trade for John Tavares, fuggeta bout it!  They’re also not going to sign Jaromir Jagr, nope!  The Matt Duchene thing is feasible, but not for what the Avs are asking.  So what do you want?

Several media types were saying the CBJ were “ALL IN” for the next 2 seasons.  Just my opinion, that means they are only going to have Panarin for the rest of his contract, and then he bolts for a team that will open the vault.  Who knows, the CBJ may be able to pay him what he wants.  He’s going to want the bank though, so be prepared.

So what does “ALL IN” mean?  We know, for the team, that means they are going for broke and striving for a deep playoff run.  But what does that mean for you?  Are you “ALL IN?” “ALL IN” for me, meant finally pulling the trigger and getting season tickets.  In the past, I was able to to go to around 10-15 games a season anyway, but now i’m going for 41.  That’s my “ALL IN”.  I have jerseys, autographs, everything a fan would need to feel like a fan.  My son has jerseys, autographs and everything he needs, now, lets get to every game in a season.  Financially, not everyone can do that, I get that.  That’s why this is my “ALL IN”.  So what is yours?  How are you going to be “ALL IN” for the CBJ?  The team says they are, so let’s get behind them.

If you’re not “ALL IN” at this point, I got nothing for you.  They’ve done what they needed to do, they got better.  They didn’t cave to fan pressure and trade everybody ***insert chuckle here***.  They didn’t trade for Duchene for the sake of trading for Duchene.  They believe in this roster, and at this point, maybe we should too…?

So let us know how you are going to be “ALL IN” for the 2017-18 season.  This should be interesting!





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