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As The Faceoff Gets Closer . . .

With the drop of the puck just a few moments away, a few things to keep in mind as the Jackets face off against the Panthers:

  • After a couple of days off, and with Florida in a desperate playoff hunt, need to guard against early sluggishnes and/or sloppiness;
  • Do not let stats vs. East go to our heads (12-3-1 by Jackets, 11-1 by Mason)
  • Keep It Simple — North/South, secure possession, traffic in front, move puck low to high
  • Discipline — Unlike the last game, stay out of the penalty box.

San Jose did the Jackets a favor by beating the Stars, 5 – 2 today. Dallas is now on a precarious perch with 10 games left. More as the game progresses . . .

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