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Zherdev Gone is reporting that Nikolai Zherdev has signed a deal with Salavatovo Yuleav Ufa of the KHL, apparently ending his brief American courtship. The word comes just 2 hours before our little local poll closed here on the site, where the overwhelming majority (66%) of readers accurately predicted the KHL jump.

I wonder. . .do you think he will learn English once he gets back to Russia?? Inquiring minds want to know . . .

До свидания!

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  1. Atiqah

    December 16, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    only 5 guys scored 40 plus goals last ssoaen (Crosby would have so maybe you can say 6). Most of those guys play in the West so maybe style differences played a part, but the only player possibly moving there is Stamkos but that’s definitely not gonna be to us and maybe he won’t even move. The only player that is even trade bait at 30+ goals is Patrick Sharp, but the Blackhawks are probably trying to make a run at the cup. If the Blackhawks do collapse (think injury to toews and sharp) my guess is PC will be one of a few teams with the flexibility to trade for him. I’m fine with pushing for a young guy to make the leap to the big boys and if it doesn’t work out a trade for Sharp would be a blockbuster of an in-season move. Everyone else at 30+ goals is not moving (unless they are a Flyer in which case they should keep their bags packed).Personally I think defenders take longer to get into rhythm with a system than forwards (see Kaberle) so it makes more sense to pick up a defender now. Plus there’s a surplus of d free agents while zero forward free agents have me excited.

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