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Few months back I went on a NHL road trip where I saw Detroit, Columbus, Carolina, Washington and Pittsburgh. Anyways I have always had an interested in the Blue Jackets since they have entered the league, which is why I included them on the roadie. I am originally a Leaf fan but since seeing that Jackets game live in Columbus I have been hooked. The passion for hockey in that city is incredible, everywhere I looked there was a Nash jersey. This guy is a king . Anyways I ended up picking up a signed framed Mason jersey at the auction there which looks sweet on my wall. 

So for the past couple months I have been hardcore watching Jackets games and following them in the standings and eventually through the playoffs. This got me searching for BJ’s fan site and couldn’t really find a stable site totally dedicated to the Jackets. So this got me thinking, why not start one? I loved the idea of the Cannon in the arena which lead me to the name
Since then the rest is history, we are now up and running and hopefully you enjoy the site.

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  1. Laurie Serif

    June 6, 2009 at 9:49 am


    I just today came across your website As a diehard, day one CBJ fan I savored your articles on “Off Season Decisions”, Whose on the Block” and “A look towards the Draft-Ryan Ellis”. They were concise and from my perspective, spot on! I took part in your (C)BJ’s Power Poll ( voting for Bouwmeester) and look forward to further open dialog amongst rabid Blue Jackets fans. (One suggestion would be to not use “BJs” , but rather the “CBJ” as the former is not liked by many fans).

    I eagerly await your next feature.

    Lawrence (Laurie) Serif

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