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The Eve of the Draft

In just over 18 hours Garth Snow and his staff will be center stage announcing the 1st overall selection. Duchene, Tavares, Hedman, who will it, be? That is the question everyone is asking. The NHL could not have asked for better stories going into the draft, with Garth Snow keeping everything hush hush the storylines heading into the draft are unbelievable. Stories have been coming out stating that the Isles will be flying in whoever they choose to their draft party. How awesome is that going to be for their fan base?

It’s not hard to find a rumor on draft weekend, 30 teams together in one city. WOAH field day for the media! All it takes is someone seeing two GM’s talking and maybe Joe Thornton will be a Blue Jacket.

Here is a direct quote from a major rumor site

“*The Blue Jackets are talking a SERIOUS trade with San Jose, possibly for Joe Thornton (who has been called untouchable.”

With it being draft weekend, I think all talk going on at this point between teams can be deemed as serious. Many decisions will be made this weekend that can drastically affect your franchise. Now I know Howson has gone on record stating that the Blue Jackets organizational depth down the middle is need of improvement, but a rumored deal of this magnitude I would just shrug it off. Yes Thornton would be nice, but most likely not going to happen.

And no for the hundredth time Rick Nash is not going to be traded to Toronto. Just because a player is from the Toronto area does not mean he is in dire need to play for the Leafs. If this were the case the Leafs would be employing the 100 plus players from the Toronto area.

Kaberle in Toronto may soon find himself on a new team; would he look good in Columbus? Yes. Do we have what Burke is after at this point in time? Nope. Unless Howson has Tavares or a top pick, we may have to scratch Kaberle off our list until after the draft and hope he is not traded this weekend.

Another player finding his way into the rumor mill is Ryane Clowe in San Jose. At 1.6 million and the need for a new contract he may of priced himself out of town.  This is a guy that plays with the grit but can’t stay healthy. Hmm I’d give him around 2 to 2.2 million. He is only 26 years old and has 25 goal potential.

One player I would love to see in Columbus come July 1st is Chad Larose.

And everyone, I fully believe Howson is thinking Jacob Josefson at 16. If we do not land Josefson then Ellis or Moore are plans 1a 1b.

What ever happen to Jamie Pushor? Don’t forget about our message boards either, tone of great talk going on in there.

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