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So Long, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye . . . Avery

Least surprising NHL news of the day is that Sean Avery will not be rejoining the Dallas Stars, despite completion of his 6 games suspension. reports as follows:

The Stars said the team will continue to honor Avery’s contract while exploring all options for his hockey future consistent with the terms of his counseling.
“We do care about Sean and want what is best for him,” said Hull. “We’ve agreed to do what we can to help find him a place to play hockey once he addresses his personal issues.”

Wonder how long “addressing his personal issues” will take . . ? My bet is that Dallas will make an effort to move him after the New Year, once they are able to proclaim him “cured”? Sean Avery, Terrell Owens — what is it about Dallas that attracts these types . . . ?

Would you invest your team’s dollars in Sean Avery?? Let’s hear some feedback.

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