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Scott Howson fired, Jarmo Kekalainen hired

By now I am sure that you’ve heard that Howson is now no longer on the Blue Jackets books, and I for one am one happy fan! I for one am ready to see the team rebuilt and that means removing Howson. His tactics clearly weren’t working and I am glad that Davidson recognized that.

I know that some people are upset that he has been let go, but I am not really sure why. The argument always seems to mention that he took us to the playoffs. Let’s say he did. What has the result been the past few season?  Has he continued building a playoff team? While things have slightly (and I do mean slightly) improved this season over last, it is not the turn around this team needed.

Is it all Howson’s fault? Absolutely not, but it’s hard to argue the fact that he has butchered this team. Coach after coach, trades missed, players lost, his system isn’t working.

A restructure is exactly what this team needs, and Davidson seems to be on the right track by removing Howson, but was also very quick to announce that Jarmo Kekalainen would be taking his place. This is the guy that was responsible for the prospects that are the CORE of the Blues (David Backes, David Perron, T.J. Oshie, Alex Petrangel). With a rebuild going on in Columbus, drafting players will be key, and given his track record Kekalainen is the perfect person for the job.

It’s really too early to tell what’s going to come of this move CBJ fans, but I for one am very excited for this team moving forward.

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