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RJ Umberger and Jared Boll post game locker room chat

RJ Umberger - Locker Room Interview

A big thanks to Eric Smith who took these videos last night, and sent them to us this morning. Boll and Umby discuss the loss to Buffalo, the controversial cross-check, and the off-season. Overall these are some awesome videos, thanks again Eric.


RJ Umberger Locker Room Video

RJ Umberger discusses last-nights loss to the Sabres, the controversial cross-check to the face, and some opinions towards the off-season. He also discusses the losing streaks, and the mental aspect of the game. Umberger is clearly frustrated, and wants to turn things around, but like everyone else doesn’t have the answers.

Jared Boll Locker Room Video

Jared Boll discusses the loss to the Buffalo Sabres, playoffs,the future, and the fans.

As a fan, I can say that it is hard to follow a team when they aren’t winning (don;t worry, I’m not going anywhere). It is obvious that these guys are hungry for a win. This season was especially disappointing for me as a fan because of the incredibly hot start the Blue Jackets had. But then the team went streaky, and sadly stayed in the losing end of things. As a fan, I was really hoping the CBJ would go out on a win last night, now I just hope for lots of off-season work, and restructuring. Hopefully next season, we will see a fresh, new, winning Columbus Blue Jackets.

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