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Rev up for a new season – CBJ Style!

I can understand there may still be some anger now that the lockout is over. That we had gone through all this nonsense, all this harm and suffering, to find a solution that should have been found before the season started, people lost out on wages, we lost out on the chance to see games, Columbus lost the All Star Game and we lost a chance to show the hockey world why we love our city and our Jackets. All whilst millionaires squabble amongst themselves, in a bizarre and undignified spectacle, that should have embarrassed a 3 billion dollar plus industry. You would think the hostess cake collapse would have been a warning to the NHL of their folly. I think to some extent you have a right to be mad after the third lockout in ten or so years. However although they were involved, I strongly suspect that neither the owners, the organisation, or the Blue Jackets players themselves wanted any part of this, they were swept along with events.

I have to believe we as fans make a difference, and even more so in a 48 game season.

The shortened season means a number of things. Every win is vital. Every loss is a greater blow. Every suspension has a greater impact and it means the impact we can make as fans grows as well. I believe that a loud and raucous arena benefits our players, and is why I am such a great supporter of the fantastic Arch City Army, and I urge any of you reading this to check them out on Facebook, or their website. Go watch a game with them in their section, they are a loud and passionate group of fans. That passion enhances the hockey experience at Nationwide. We know that our arena is not always full, we know sometimes the opposing teams fans make more noise than we do. Can you image how that feels to our players ? How would you feel, if as a player you came to your home arena and the visiting fans are more vocal than your own fans ? Would that help to motivate you ? Would that help you to battle on? Yes the organisation has it’s part to play, yes the players need to perform, but we as fans need to show up and cheer them on. Time and time again the players say how much it helps them to hear us as fans cheering them on. We know how much players such as Boll, Wiz, Umby, JJ, Brass and Dorse love playing for the Jackets and it makes a difference to have the support from the crowd, our participation as fans can make that difference between winning and losing, Which would you rather attend a half empty arena or a full one ? Where the fans make so much noise you cannot hold a conversation with person next to you, not so good for a date night, but good for atmosphere.

The shortened season may actually makes this possible. As well as full season tickets the Jackets sell half, quarter, six games flex packs. Usually those attending the games will be spread over the forty one homes games. They are now going to be spread over twenty four home games. That gives the Jackets the chance to get more people into the arena, more of our fans. That’s why those of you who are multiple games ticket holders need to attend all the games you brought tickets for. Those of you who buy single season tickets, still buy those tickets, carry on defending nationwide, come join the battle. Some say attendance will be down, some don’t give the Jackets much hope, it is time to prove them wrong, are you going to be the loud fan? are you going to make a difference this season?

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  1. Julia

    January 12, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Can’t wait for the season to start! Can’t wait to be back in Nationwide, cheering on my favorite team! Let’s show the world that Columbus really does have the best hockey fans in the world!
    Go Jackets!
    P.S. I’ll be there when we win the Stanley Cup 🙂

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