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Preview: Blue Jackets vs Red Wings, Round 2

Let the grudge match begin. Tonight’s game is much more than the Jackets vs the Wings. It is Ohio vs Michigan, Red vs Blue, an all out grudge match. Not to mention the incident that happened on Friday involving Umberger and Mike Modano. If you didn’t know, Modano had some surgery yesterday to repair a severed tendon and nerve damage after he was cut by Umberger’s skate in a board battle. Yeah, it was an accident, but of course Umby is getting the blame.

Methot returns, Filatov out

Word has it that Marc Methot will be back, and I would assume that Russel will be watching from the bench. It is also being reported that Filatov will be out as a healthy scratch. This should allow Kyle Wilson to take his place. Wilson has been playing a much stronger game than Filatov as of late, and I applaud the move. You have to go with what works. Sure, Filatov has some skills, and maybe he just needs some time to build his confidence, but putting together a winning team should be the first priority.

We don’t know who will be in the goal tonight, but I would have to assume it would be Mason. I would be very surprised to see Garon start tonight.

My Official Prediction

I know my opinion doesn’t mean much, but I predict a game very similar to what we saw on Friday. However, I do think that Umberger may take a few more / harder hits, which may result in some more PP time for the Jackets.  The Jackets played a very good game on Friday, but they need to start converting on the power plays!

Detroit’s goalie Jimmy Howard had a fairly week night on Friday, and the Jackets should be able to read him a bit better on this match-up. All things considered I expect the Jackets to take home a win tonight.

The Jackets have been playing incredibly well this season, and had a very hot start to the season. It would be incredible to see them come back after Friday’s loss and defeat the Wings.

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