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Our “new” puck moving defensemen?

Could Tomas Kaberle be wearing a Blue Jacket jersey this fall? Perhaps. Has Howson put a call into Leafs GM Brian Burke? Most likely. Now for those of you that tuned in to the NHL Draft a few weeks ago, you will recall the rumors of a deal that had Kaberle going to Boston inexchange for Kessel. Draft picks were also rumored to be included in such deal. If your Burke, you need to strike gold on any deal for Kaberle. Tomas is the closest thing you have to a franchise player,  but Luke Schenn could very well end up being your franchise defensemen. However remember he is only one year into his NHL career. Right now as it stand Toronto sits 10 defensemen deep on their blueline, which means it safe to assume that Burke is itching to trade one of Kaberle, White or Van Ryn. I will not include Finger in this list as his  contract is too large to move for what he brings to the table.

If CBJ stands a chance at acquiring Kaberle, Toronto is going to ask for one of Voracek, Filatov or Brassard. Columbus has been searching forever for a #1 Center to play with Nash; this means we can scratch Brassard off the list. Filatov is Columbus’ top prospect and I don’t believe Howson would deal him. From these observations it may be safe to assume that Voracek may very have to be in any potential Kaberle deal. With the Blue Jackets being a budget team and not a salary cap team the Leafs would have to take salary back. Modin? Been there done that, they probablity would not want him again. Chimera? Hmmm… interesting.

Chimera and Voracek for Kaberle? Seems reasonable in my opinion. Chimmer was up and down last year and seemed to loose a step. He would fit into to Burkes plans to have a hustle/ hard to play against team and Voracek would be that young star ready to break out. Picks and other lesser prospect may be included both ways. Another thing to remember is that there still are some quality free agents out there and this could open the door for Williams to return to Columbus.

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  1. Paul

    July 30, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    The Kaberle rumors have been floating around. Considering Toronto’s overload of defensemen, it’s possible that Kaberle could be traded to the Jackets. The question is whether or not Howson will part with one of his talented young forwards to get Kaberle. For obvious reasons, you’re right, Brassard and Filatov are untouchable. Voracek? To me that’s a huge “maybe”, since only Nash collected more points in his Jackets rookie season than Voracek. Could be that Chimmer and a couple of “nearly there’s” at Syracuse would do it. Or, if Toronto insists on Voracek, I believe Howson would push it for Toronto to take Modin and toss in a draft pick.

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