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Nash vs Howson: Who’s the bad guy?

Over the past few days, it has hit the fan in Blue Jackets land. While not much actually happened at the trade deadline, Howson let the cat out of the bag, that all of the Nash trade rumors were true. However, he didn’t stop at “we are trying to deal Nash.” He went on to explain that Mr. Columbus (Rick Nash) requested the trade. This left fans outraged.

Some fans are mad at Howson for driving Nash away, others are upset with Nash for wanting to leave. But who is really at fault here?

Firstly, Nash plays with little to no heart for his team as of late. I am sure being part of a failing franchise has added to this, but he is the captain. It has been obvious to me that he wanted to leave. It has also been said that he request that the GM be replaced. Guess what Rick? You aren’t the boss. That decision isn’t your’s to make, and requesting a trade after there was no change is a rather cowardly way to deal with it. Nash signed a long term commitment with this club, with the town, and with the fans. Abandoning ship with things get tough is not something that will gain Nash much respect.

But then there is the other side of the fence. Howson has failed to make any real progress towards moving this team forward. Coaches have come and gone, and at this point as GM a lot of eyes are on him to fix things. This hasn’t happened, and logic dictates that All-Stars won’t stay in, nor come to Columbus. He has created a mess, and I honestly feel that his days *should* be numbered.

So who is the villain in the Nash v Howson debacle? BOTH! Nash wanting to leave, while understandable, is absurd. After all of the talks about this being his team and town, it is a knife in the back for all of the dedicated Nash fans. I am ready to see him go, as I think it is best to move the team forward at this point, and he should bring some value back in a trade. Howson handled the whole situation poorly, and has created a mess in Columbus. After the way he handled Nash’s request, he is going to have a hard time bringing new talent to the CBJ.

This club is in trouble. They need changes. But on the plus side, how could things get any worse for the CBJ? Hopefully it’s uphill from here.

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