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Money on the Board

I am sure by now that everyone has heard of Money on the Board. If you haven’t you really need to check it out. I have been very impressed with how Blue Jackets fans have come together to donate money, time, and even blood if our beloved Blue Jackets win this evening. The last number I heard was more than $4,000 had been pledged, and I expect that number to easily break $5,000 with the pledges coming in today, and all of the incentives people have offered.

I have also decided to put my money on the board from However, we will be taking a more unique approach. Since the CBJ drinking game has become rather popular, I figured why not donate $1 for every drink called during tonights game. I have enlisted a few friends to help keep track and count dollars. I have never actually counted how many average drinks occur during a game, so I really have no clue how much we will be donating, but it will not be less than $100.

If the Jackets win, the money will be going to Hockey Fights Cancer. I highly encourage everyone to donate for the cause. It doesn’t have to be money, many are donating blood, and volunteering for different charities, and community outreach programs. I am very proud of how everyone has come together to support the team, and a good cause, and honored to call myself a Blue Jackets fan.

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