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Missing Persons Report: CBJ Scorers

After 5 games, I think its time to put “Goals” on the side of a milk carton.  I called the Columbus Police Missing Persons Division last night to file a report, as almost ALL of the CBJ goal scorers have come up missing!  I’m joking of course, or am I?

So far thru 5 games, the Jackets are averaging a dismal 2.2 goals a game.  We were all hoping for more scoring this year to take some of the pressure off of Bobrovsky and the Defense, but so far that has not happened.  If not for the shootout win against the Islanders, this team could easily be 1-4.  Bob has not played terribly either.  I absolutely cannot blame any of this on him.  He has a 2.18 Goals against Average with a .929 save percentage.  Aside from a few soft-ish goals, he has been very good.  As expected, Marion Gaborik is leading the way in scoring and points, we 2 goals and 6 points.

Through all of this, I’m still not panicking.  At 2-3 we are still in 4th in the Metro, with Washington, New Jersey, NYR and Philadelphia behind us in the standings.  Obviously those teams are going to get it together sooner or later, so I’d like to see the boys get a few more points before those teams catch fire.

So who is going to be the one to catch fire?  Obviously Gaborik, less the flu as he had last night, is going to be a constant producer.  Nick Foligno?  He stayed away last night vs the Wings on a personal matter.  He has 2 goals this season.  Cam Atkinson?  He scored the only goal for the CBJ last night.  A hard, gritty, great individual effort I might add.  I still think he’s going to score 30+ goals this season.  He has been playing hard and gritty,  just as expected.  Jack Johnson?  He has 2 goals as well.  When Jack shoots the puck on net, something good always seems to happen.  Brandon Dubinsky?  He’s 3rd in points in this young season.  I still believe he may lead the team in scoring, and just may be the next CBJ captain.  Wiz?  He just flat out needs to shoot more.  History says when he puts the puck on net, beautiful things happen as well.  The bottom line is, everyone needs to contribute.  We knew this going into the season, this isn’t a new idea.

I’m not as disappointed in this start as some people are.  I understand that its a long season and lots of things, good and bad are going to happen.  Did I get a tad frustrated last night watching the game versus the Wings?  Of course I did, but mainly for me, it’s because of my hatred for everything Michigan.  Just typing out that name made me cringe.  Usually I write it like this – M****gan!  But hatred aside, I hate losing, period!  So its off to Montreal, to play the Canadiens.  Another new rival for the CBJ!  So if I can remember a little french – Allons battu les Canadiens!  Rejoignez la bataille! Or Lets Beat the Canadiens! Join The Battle!

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