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How the Columbus Blue Jackets give back to the community

WinGetInIt’s great to hear news about sports organizations giving back to the community. And while donating thousands of dollars to charity is already an admirable thing to do, there’s a better way on how sports teams can give more and the Columbus Blue Jackets have done it in the past.

This year, the Grumpy Old Men Charity Hockey Game raised around $2,000 for the Society of Organized Services’ Recreation Assistance Program. On the other hand, the Annual Lindsay BIA Charity Road Hockey Challenge gives about $10,000 every year to its chosen charity. While $2,000 and $10,000 are already heartwarming and great accomplishments on the whole, there’s a better way for hockey organizations to provide more and that is by tying up with casinos.

In February 20, 2014, the Blue Jackets did something that not a lot of hockey teams do. The team organized an event with Hollywood Casino and held a poker night for its fans. Blake Comeau, Brandon Dubinsky, Cam Atkinson, James Wisniewski, and Matt Calvert all played and interacted with the fans. While the proceeds that went to the Boys& Girls Club of Columbus remain undisclosed, sources say that it was pretty big, what with a casino backing up the event.

Sports disciplines that tie up with casinos or poker organizations usually yield hundreds of thousands of dollars. One time, NBA star Allan Houston hosted a poker charity event for its Legacy foundation in 2013 and garnered a huge sum of $250,000. Conversely, when former Texas Longhorns football coach Mack Brown hosted a card tournament for the benefit of an organization that studies a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he accumulated over $165,000.

Casinos are typically shown under a negative light because of their nature of business. However, casino establishments across the world aren’t just about offering gaming services to people, and helping sports organizations raise more money for charities is proof of that. InterCasino, the world’s oldest online casino provider that opened back in 1996, has been offering Responsible Gaming services to people since several years ago in order to combat gambling problems. It is a huge step forward for the casino industry as a whole, what with an institution as old as the aforementioned putting the wellbeing of its customers first. With the good that casinos are doing to society, being seen under a more positive light is probably just within arm’s reach. After all, being able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need, and helping customers cope with spending problems are no easy feats.

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