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FTC team continues to grow

Hey guys, great news as Ed Cmar who writes at has joined our team. This is a great news for our site and it helps improves our coverage of the Blue Jackets drastically. Here is a little about Ed as we welcome him to

I grew up a diehard Penguins fan, having grown up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, but, not to worry – my allegiances changed, immediately, when the Blue Jackets were granted a NHL franchise.  Now, it (the devotion for all things CBJ) started, incrementally, mostly due to my graduate school and work commitments – but, once those commitments subsided, it has grown to flat out obsession, to the CBJ and the NHL, in general.

In February, 2009, by sheer chance, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to cover the CBJ for  I’m still in disbelief, to this day, but so thankful for the opportunity to write about something I love so much.

Thanks to my gracious editor for IH, I will be able to, hopefully, contribute to what is already a top-notch team of writers, and will continue to write for IH.

I believe I will be able to provide an objective viewpoint, but, what drives my writing is to tell the story of one of the truly feel good, turnaround stories in the NHL, one that the mainstream hockey media refuses to provide – the price you pay for being a non-O-6, non-Canadian team.

Thanks again to for the opportunity, and I sure hope you like my insights and analysis.

Ed, I personally look forward to working with you and wish you all the best of luck.

Don’t forget about our message boards either, tone of great talk going on in there.

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