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Fire The Cannon show hosted by Eric Smith and Lori Schmidt have another loaded show again this week. Bryan Stewart, director of video scouting and also coach of the state bound Hilliard hockey club, will be on the show. We will see if he gets paid to do more than watch TV and exactly what is responsibilities are with the Blue Jackets. Also, we will dig in to his first year coaching high school aged players and how he helped the Hilliard program win the Blue Jackets Cup for the first time in their history and now heading to state championships. site will have our writer of the week in our “5 in 5” segment which will answer fans questions about the Blue Jackets.

We’ll also have our prospect of the week award and some “He said, She said.”

You won’t want to miss this show and it all starts at 7pm Thursday night.

Eric Smith
“Fire The Cannon”

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