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Just got an email from someone who is really connected to the draft, he use to be apart of HockeysFuture team when Sirius/XM’s Shane Malloy was in charge

“The Isles 2nd first round selection, 26th overall and their surplus second rounders are DEFINITELY going somewhere in a move up, and it will depend upon when they think that 2nd targeted draftee is about to go off the board, and they will act swiftly to jump in front of others. Snow has said as much.

The Phoenix Coyotes are ADVERTISING that pick six is in play if they can just drop a wee bit lower in that top seven group (to the Toronto pick if the the guy Burke targets is there) they would be most happy, but probably would be fine in the top 15 and WILL fine takers.

Columbus will choose at slot 16 but are hoping to get an additional pick to move back in the first and are hoping that the Islanders will turn over the number 26 in the first round, and 37th overall in the second round for a ten slot bump up for the Isles. They may want to give 26th and 56th overall, the last of their three seconds.
Who knows? Maybe the Bluejackets will not want to drop back that far to reclaim a second…”

Very interesting to say the least, this is ramping up to be a very busy draft weekend.

More to come…

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