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Dorsett Gets Extension

I was very excited to see the Blue Jackets reward Derek Dorsett with a new 3 year contract today. While the money isn’t known yet, he more than deserved it. Many CBJ fans are excited at the core of the team heading into next season with Wiz, Prospal, and Jack Johnson. I love those guys too, but I think Dorsett deserves a lot of credit for last season. Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge DD fan; for me though, it goes beyond his career best 12 goals and 20 points. It’s how he never gave up on this team, showed up every night, and gave 100% effort. That fight with John Scott is a perfect example; he knew he was going to get his ass kicked, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care that Scott is 6’8 270. He was just pissed at the crappy performance of his team that day and wanted to throw down with someone. I want more guys like him on my team. I want guys that play just as hard on the last place team in the league as they would for the first place team. His mentality should go over very well in the locker room and hopefully influence guys young like Ryan Johansen, Cam Atkinson, and Matt Calvert. Show those guys that this team will reward hard-working players just as much as the guys that scores 30 goals. I think Dorse will have one of the A’s next season, and with his style of play and relative youth, he more than deserves that honor. Congratulations Derek, I look forward to cheering you on next season.

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