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Customer Service Announcement

Being that, most likely, you are a Blue Jackets fan if you are reading this, that makes you a customer of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Now that we are clear on that, I, being a writer on the Blue Jackets and also getting credentials from the team, I feel that it is my duty from time to time to help the Blue Jackets out with some information and education that due to the relationship with their customers they are not always able to deliver in a clear fashion.

So here it goes! The player selected on Friday in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft will not play for the Columbus Blue Jackets next year! There, I said it.

Oh, so some of you think you are pretty smart and already knew this! Then why do I see over and over that the Blue Jackets biggest need is to pick a power play specialist to cure the team’s 30th ranked power play? If the CBJ select a defenseman in the first round, it will be at least 2 years before he will be a contributing factor for the big club. Anybody want to wait that long on the team’s power play?

That is another reason that the rumor of Kris Russell for Alex Auld is completely ridiculous! How bad would the Blue Jackets want their already pathetic power play to get? When you have Mike Commodore on the power play, that should let you know how thin you are when it comes to having a blue line offensive presence.

Am I completely against the Blue Jackets taking a defenseman with offensive skills? Heavens no, but this Service Announcement is to let you know that it won’t cure the ills of the present on the big club.

What my preference and based off of what Scott Howson has said, the Jackets want a center. They have Derick Brassard and Antoine Vermette for the next year. Nikita Filatov is a great prospect and he was drafted as a center but everyone has seen that he is best suited as a winger where he can be less restricted on defensive duties and let his offensive skill shine. The Union Blue don’t even have a warm body in Syracuse to bring up or is just seasoning. The top rated center in the organization, based off of Hockey Futures, is Sean Collins who just finished his freshman year at Cornell! Then there is no one and I mean no one. Kirill Starkov who was another has bolted for the KHL and thus the cupboard is bare.

What I am trying to educate Blue Jacket fans are, when it comes to the draft, don’t look at the Blue Jackets; instead look at Syracuse to find where the needs are for the organization.

The Blue Jackets still have some hope for Andrei Plekhanov who has offensive skill and also possesses a right handed shot that the Blue Jackets are in short supply of on the power play. Also,Cody Goloubef just finished his sophomore year at Wisconsin. Will the Jackets tap him on the shoulder and suggest that he come play for pay? Goloubef is the Jackets top defensive prospect and is offensive also and he too has a right handed shot. As you can see, the cupboard is not bare when it comes to defense. Could it use more prospects, what team couldn’t?

Columbus NHLTweetup Specifics

I am reallly getting fired up for the NHL Draft and the Columbus NHLTweetup. Based off of the Twitter traffic and other things, I can tell you guys and gals are too! I also know that you have some questions about the NHLTweetup and now I hope to clear some of them up.

1. How do I get to the Columbus NHLTweetupCome to Nationwide Arena like the normal draft party that is being put on by the Blue Jackets. Then look for tables that will have reserved signs on them. I am going to try to get more specifics on where the tables are exactly and let you know on that as soon as I know. I don’t think it will be hard.

2. Will there be WiFi at the NHLTweetup – Come on! Do you think I would let you guys tweet during the draft? Thanks again to the Blue Jackets staff, we will have Wifi. I even have the user name and passwords already!

Username: DraftParty
Password: nhldraft

3. What time does it start? – 5pm on Friday is when the NHLTweetup will start. The NHL Draft won’t start until 7pm. That’s why if you can’t or don’t want to get there right at 5pm to get a good seat, getting your seat reserved for the NHLTweetup is the only way to go.

4. What will be going on during the party? – The best part is that there will be a collection of knowledgeable and passionate Blue Jacket fans all sitting together to talk, debate and brag a little when they guess a pick right. I will also have some contests that I will give out some prizes that I got from the great people at Crimson Cup and 97.1 The Fan. Also, people will be invited to watch live television coverage of the NHL Draft on VERSUS while George Matthews and Bill Davidge, alongside Sports Radio 97.1 The Fan’s Milan Jordan, will anchor the radio broadcast in addition, Jeff Rimer will contribute analysis and interviews direct from Montreal. The Festivities are headlined by player appearances by 2009 Calder Trophy winner Steve Mason, R.J. Umberger (who was also selected in the 16 spot in the first round) and Jared Boll, who will be on hand to sign autographs and participate in the select-a-seat Open House where fans may learn about opportunities regarding full and partial season ticket plans for the 2009-2010 season. A wide range of activities offered during the party include the following: tours of the Blue Jackets and visiting NHL locker rooms, photo opportunities in the penalty boxes, and alongside the cannon and Zambonis, sstreet hockey for kids, merchandise and game-used equipment sale, silent auction of sports memorabilia benefiting the Blue Jackets Foundation and draft party food and beverage specials.

5. Where can I reserve my seat? – go to the NHLTweetup website at and you can make your reservation if you have a Twitter account. If you don’t have a twitter account and don’t want to create one, just email me at and I will get you signed up. Spots are limited and are running out quickly, so don’t wait.

See everyone at the Draft! If you are there but don’t sign up for the NHLTweetup, don’t be shy and come by and say “Hi!” Would love to meet you.

Fire The Cannon!

Eric Smith

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