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Community Service: CBJ Style

So after my first Pulitzer, Emmy, Noble Prize winning blog entry (I know, I admire my own modesty as well) I guess it is time for another one. Like my first one, this is going to be CBJ related, rather than talking about CBJ games. The off season makes that hard to do, and I don’t think my exploits on NHL 12 would cut it.

“To whom much is given, much is expected”

It is an old and oft used quote which means a) I can use it without have to pay any royalties and b) fits in with my talent for originality

A twitter post from one of our players got my attention a couple of weeks back. They had decided to ride in the Polentia 100 mile sponsored cycle ride to benefit the James OSU cancer hospital. Now this player had decided to do this on the night before. My initial thought was that hockey players have an awesome level of fitness to be able to say, with less than 24 hours notice “I am going to do a 100 mile cycle ride” and then think nothing of it. The second thought came a bit later on and it was this, that we have a great group of players here in Columbus. Players that have made Columbus their home and want to give back to the local community in a variety of ways. Boll is around Columbus for the summer, appearing at two fan events, the select a seat open house ( 9th of August) and a Front Street Friday (15th June). Dorse has not only done the open house but also was at the Dublin Irish festival ( 5th of August) meeting fans and signing autographs. Dorse by the way was the player that decided, on the spur of the moment to do that 100 mile cycle ride, (putting his feet and legs to good use instead of his hands). Cam Atkinson organized a fund raiser for the Marty Lyons foundation (set up to benefit seriously and terminally ill children) in Greenwich, Connecticut. James Wiznewski uses his wizwear website ( to benefit the USO.

Our players are approachable. Recently a friend of mine came across RJ Umberger on a night out, who has good enough to pose for a photo. Last season the Jacket’s gave out back stage passes to fans giving them the opportunity to meet with players after the game. During the last season you had two celebrity bar tending nights, with the players staying after they had finished their bar tending duties just to hang out with the fans. Much like the party for season tickets holders at Columbus Zoo. Then you have the Black tie Blue Jacket style show, which brings me onto the Blue Jackets Foundation, which has raised over a million dollars for various local charities and non profits. It is not just current players, former players such as Nash and Methot took the time to meet with their fans and give back to their community with hospital visits, reading to children at local libraries. Now I don’t know what other teams and their players get up to, I don’t follow them, but just for us, here in Columbus seems like we have a great group of guys.

Now I know we want wins, and believe me I want them just as much. However I take pride in the fact that our players and the organization do so much to give back to the local community. The players have truly made C-BUS their home. This is something we as fans can we should take pride in. Legacy is a word being used a lot following the Olympic games over here. We have in Columbus a team that is leaving such a legacy. Wins come and go, they fade with time, but making a positive impact, in your own community lasts a life time. Whilst we wait for the season to start and the NHL lockout cold war hots up, lets celebrate that legacy.


  1. Craig Layne

    August 26, 2012 at 11:33 am

    I actually rode in an elevator with Boll at the James cancer center when my grandfather was staying there. I dont think he made it to his room, but still nice to know they were there visiting. OSU’s football team also came. While my grandfather wasn’t a sports fan, he just liked that people were there to visit.

  2. Dave T

    August 28, 2012 at 1:43 am

    It is not always the visits to hospitals or other charitable endeavors, that are reported, but the bad stories always will be. To the readers of this site please feel free to post your expirences of any meetings with the players, whatever or whatever it was

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