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Columbus rumored to be in on Heatley?

When I first heard this rumor I completely looked passed it, living in Ottawa the media has been all over Dany Heatley. The media has made this player out to be a complete waste of money, a cancer in the dressing and a bust. Overblown? maybe just a little. I did not see anyone complaining when Dany was netting back to back fifty goal seasons and playing in the Cup Finals. So do we pay the price in some of our young talent to land a Dany Heatley. Dany is 28 years old and entering the prime of his career and has shown that he is a point a game player. In 507 games he has 260 goals, 283 assists for 543 points. Woah! Who wouldn’t want a player like that. Do I blame heater for wanting out of Ottawa? Not really, look at this organization.

They always seem to have some sort of problem with personnel and or players. See Daigle, Yashin and now Heatley. Moving on it has been one coaching staff after the next. Maybe Dany has seen through this and wants to be apart of a stable organization that doesn’t fire their coaches every 45 games.

In the time that Howson has been here, he has basically done everything correct. He has completely turned this organization around and created a buzz. We made the playoffs, we have some of the most young & exciting talent in the league. Not to mention they are all one entry level deals that are cap friendly. (Filatov,Brassard,Voracek,Russell) We also have Goulebef & Moore on the way.

So let’s consider these Dany Heatley rumors. If the media did not make him out to be a bad guy and didn’t ask to be traded out of Ottawa, would you want him on your team? Do you think Heatley could play for a coach that is as well respected in Ken Hitchcock? I think he would do great in a system under Hitch; Heatley had his best year when Murray was behind the bench.

Edmonton had a deal that would of sent Cogliano, Penner & Smid going to Ottawa for Heater. Cogliano is a great up and coming player in this league and is lights out fast. Penner has never really panned out in Edmonton and is a player that Ottawa was most likely forced to take on due to Heatley’s contract. Even still Penner is not that bad of a player if he gets back into shape and plays like he did in Anahiem. Smid is a big bodied defensemen that plays a solid defensive game, still young and has the potential to play in a teams top 6.

Now if I were Howson he can use that deal as a basis to work off of. It’s safe to assume that Brassard will not be going anywhere as he is penciled in as the team’s top center next season. There is the possibility of Filatov moving but the Sens would have to take back some players with bigger contracts. They may even have to toss in a player with Heatley.

Is Filatov going to be better then Cogliano? I know I would rather Filatov on my team, easily.

Now moving on to Edmonton‘s Penner makes 4.25 a season, Huseluis makes 4.75. Once again who would you rather have? I’d pay slightly more for a player that can actually skate in Huseluis. Sorry Edmonton but looks like we can build an attractive offer and maybe downgrade on Filatov to say one of Mayorov, Legein and Picard.  The kicker if a trade does happen Howson is going to make sure the Modin and his 3.5 million dollars is sent packing.

If Ottawa would rather improve their blue line we could consider moving Russell, Methot or Goulebef. Ottawa has been after Russell for quite sometime now and this may be their shot at him.

If I am Howson you tell Murray you can have either Filatov or Russell, Brassard is a no. We lack depth down the middle. From there you can pencil Modin into any trade by default for cap purposes.

My proposed deals would be something like this

Filatov, Modin, Torres for Heatley

Torres is relatively young and can be replaced via free agency with someone cheaper. Filatov is the real deal and the backbone of this trade.

Russell, Huseluis, Modin for Heatley

I would not want to give up much more in a deal and remember there are still over 200 free agents out there that can help fill roles. Now is an opportune time to try and swing a deal of this nature. It is the offseason and Howson will explore all options that can improve his team. Giving Hitchcock the options of Heatley & Nash upfront would be deadly. As we know Howson is one of the smartest GM’s in the league, if he can land a 50 goal scorer and not sacrifice too much of the future I believe he makes that trade. Who knows what will happen, we all thought Heatley would be an Oiler by now anyways. Gotta love the off season…


  1. chunkbox

    July 7, 2009 at 10:42 am

    to me HEATLEY would be a great pick up and help out our PP for sure… BUT… his numbers have gone down each of the past years after those back to back 100 pt seasons… also i just see him back checking enough to earn ice time under HITCH…

    and in closing … why would you trade away bright young cheap talent for someone ( 1 player ) on the decline and who has already worn out his welcome in 2 different locker rooms… ?

  2. hiimbart

    July 7, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    The Modin and Huseluis contracts would exceed Heatley’s in Ottawa. They’d take a roughly 9 mil hit with Russell’s entry level contract in there as well. They wouldn’t take that deal. I don’t want to move any of our untouchables. I agree with chunkbox that Heatley probably isn’t polished enough in the defensive end to satisfy Hitch. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be as Hitch transformed Nash. The idea of
    Nash Brassard Heatley is tempting but in the end I just don’t see this deal happening without giving up Filatov and possibly one other untouchable.

    Now if we could do something like Huselius Mayorov + Pick(s) I (personally) would jump at it. No way Ottawa takes on both Modin and Juices contracts. No way do I see Filatov being shipped by this organization.

  3. Jason

    July 7, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    I think there is no way this will happen. Scott Howson has said that he will not trade Brass, Voracek, Russel, or Filatov And he shouldn’t. Why would you trade away such great young talent? The Jackets have a bright young future with that group of players along side Nasher. Bottom line, Heater is not worth it.

  4. MDP

    July 7, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Columbus has already established a solid set of forwards for the season.
    If anything, I would rather see a trade for a big time defenseman.

  5. Paul

    July 7, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Your suggested trades sound like something MacLean would do. Why in the world would you trade Filatov for anyone? Russell and Modin? I can see that, but not Huselius, Filatov or Torres. Okay, Heatley has been a point a game player, but his numbers are declining and his defense is a joke. Even were Howson to suggest bringing him over, Hitch wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) go for it.

  6. Espen Knutsen

    July 8, 2009 at 12:35 am

    I really like this trade and no my alter ego is not Doug Maclean. Take a look at this, Hitchcock coached Heatley in the world Championships and had him on the same line as….who else Rick Nash. I could see this deal going down 1) because hitch likes this kids style hes aggressive (may need to get a little defensive but he change nash) and having heater will help our power play tremendously 2) Rick Nash…. we just signed this kid and better try and help him out i’ve heard that Nash is pulling for this to happen…lets see what happens. I understand that people don’t want to get rid of our young talent but seriously stuff like this doesn’t come up very often and if you look at his contract it may be front loaded but we are only going to have to pay him 4 million this year, and it declines over the next 3 years. I think the thought of having two potential 40 goal scores on the same line makes the hair on my neck stand on end. Get it done.

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