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Where Were You For The CBJ’s First Ever Playoff Win?

Saturday April 19th 2014, a night that will go down as one of the best days in CBJ history! That’s what I think anyway.  Early in Game 2, and I’m talking real early, the Pens took a 2-0 lead,  Scoring two goals in less than a minute!  The score was 2-0, and I looked at my brother and sunk my head!  And just then a famous quote from TOP GUN popped into my head…

Both Catapults are broken, sir.”

“How long will it take?”

“It’ll take ten minutes.”

“Bulls@#t ten minutes! This thing will be over in two minutes! Get on it!”

This is the conversation I imagined Head Coach Todd Richards had with his coaches after the Pens scored two quick goals.  Well that catapult was fixed very quickly, as Ryan Johansen, or Maverick in this case, struck back at the bogeys aka the Pens, just 43 seconds after the Pens scored the second goal.  JoJo scored on the Power Play to cut it to 2-1.  I got the need, the need for speed!

The Pens scored again making it 3-1 in the first.  And that’s when panic set in for my house.  The CBJ gave up a 3-1 lead in game 1, surely the Pens were not going to give up a 3-1 to the CBJ, Right?  Wrong!!  The CBJ took the game over midway through the Second period, and Matty Ice Calvert scored another short handed goal for the CBJ, making it 3-2!

At that point the CBJ took over every stat category.  Coming back in shots, dominated the hits and with six minutes to go in the third period, Jack Johnson scored a power play goal, making the game 3-3!  I jumped up, almost dumping my laptop and adult beverage onto the floor!  My son had been asleep for just a few minutes, so thankfully i didn’t wake him!

Regulation time expired, and the Jackets were going into an overtime playoff hockey game.  Can it get more exciting?  And then,  with 14:59 to play in the first OT, the CBJ had officially played their longest game in team history.  And then just like that, the first OT was over.  I looked over at my brother and said ” Wow that went fast!”

Here it came, the 2nd OT.  Could this really be happening?  Are the CBJ really playing a playoff game late into the night?  I’m glad it was Saturday night, just in case this game went deep into the night.  But, 1:10 into the 2nd OT, this happened: 

I jumped up, gave my brother a Foligno goalie hug and yelled.  Welcome to the playoffs Columbus! It was worth the wait!

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