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The CBJ – Winners of 8 Straight Games!

Yesterday, the city of Columbus was buzzing!  The Columbus Blue Jackets, winners of a franchise best 7 straight games, were ready to take on the Metropolitan Rivals Philadelphia Flyers!  The team, super fans, fringe fans, and even fans of other teams were gearing up for what was going to be a record breaking night.  The team was set to celebrate its 1000th regular season game.  On the line – “The Streak”, as well as sole possession of 3rd in the Metro, ahead of the Flyers.  Twitter was amazing to watch yesterday.  Every fan that I could ever imagine was tweeting #CBJ1000 yesterday.  In fact, #CBJ1000 was trending by noon!  This night was going to be magical, unless however the Flyers had anything to say about it.

The game started, and all that nervous energy I had for the boys in blue went right out the window.  The nervousness goes away from me when the game starts.  I guess that’s just the former athlete in me.  Jack Johnson, Matty Calvert, Derek MacKenzie, Brandon Dubinsky & Nathan Horton put the Flyers to bed!  They rattled off 4 straight goals to send the Flyers back to Philly in a heap!  Of course after the score was 3-2, our beautiful fans started chanting WE WANT MASON!  At first I laughed, then I thought to myself “We’re better than this” “He’s not playing in this game, regardless of the score” & “We just need to remember where we came from” Stay Humble!  It’s obvious Steve heard the chants, I mean, from the TV, it seemed like everyone was chanting it all at once.  Even some Flyer fans thought the fans we’re chanting it because we want Steve back in net for the CBJ!  I guess they forgot we have the reigning Vezina Winner – Sergei Bobrovsky!

So the CBJ win 5-2 last night.  Another amazing game for the team, the fans and honestly, the NHL!  The NHL needs a small market team to compete.  The NYC, Chicagos. Bostons, Pittsburghs and Detroits have had enough fun, IT’S OUR TURN!  Its time Columbus take that next step and battle for a Stanley Cup! I’m Ready! Are you?

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