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CBJ fans gather to simulate canceled game, announcers show up to call the game!

This morning I was catching up on my normal reading, and stumbled across this piece on the Dark Blue Jacket, and just HAD to share it with the world.

While I’m not sure of all of the technical details, here is what I have gathered thus far:

  • An X-Box tournament/simulation of the cancelled CBJ game Friday was scheduled to take place at the R-Bar.
  • The Arch City Army showed up in full force, DBJ and his posse were in attendance, and the Jacket Backers also helped spread the word.
  • At the start of the tournament, Leo himself made an appearance to set things off right by performing the National Anthem.
  • The tournament went on as scheduled, with programs, commercial breaks, and giveaways.
  • Then during the third period the magic happened. Jeff Rimer, Bill Davidge, and George Matthews show up and begin to call the simulated game.

That’s right, Jeff Rimer, Bill Davidge, and George Matthews. I wasn’t wasn’t there, but I could only imagine the energy, and pure awesomeness that was present in the R-Bar that night!

From DBJ:

Long about the third period, something momentous happened.  The ‘boys’ showed up.  That’s right.  Jeff Rimer, Bill Davidge, and George Matthews all came to participate in the camaraderie of the night.  It was great having them in the bar that night.  But then the treat started.  From their well deserved perch at the bar, George Matthews and Bill Davidge proceeded to call the simulated game.  For yours truly this was a blast from the past back to old radio days.  Additionally, there are certain freedoms that happen when one is not subject to FCC regs on over the air broadcasts, and George and Bill took perfect advantage of the liberties to give an exciting and heartfelt call to the simulated game, supported by raucous cheering of the patrons.

The lockout has every hockey fan down, and has created a very negative vibe, but events like this just make me smile. I wish I could have made it that night, and honestly if I would have known that this was going to unfold I probably would have made the two and a half hour drive to participate. If this happens again, you can bet your ass that I will be there!

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