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CBJ Captain woes: What will it take to wear the C?

Hockey is upon us once again, and at the time of writing this, a question remains. Who will be the Jacket’s captain this year. Before giving an answer to that question, lets ask what makes for a good hockey captain ? What characteristics do we want from the player that is going to lead our team ?

Firstly we want to see commitment and self sacrifice We want a player that is going to give it his all. That by their sheer effort they inspire their team mates to perform their best. We want some one that can get angry and rally his team mates when in the depths of despair or when all hope is gone. Yet by the same token we want some one that will remain calm in a crisis, and be able to steady the ship with his steely calm demeanor  We need a captain with experience. Experience with the team and in the NHL in general. To be an effective captain our candidate must know the team, he must have served at least one if not more seasons with the Jackets. He should have been part of the struggles that this team has been through. He must know his team mates and know how to get the best out of them. We all respond differently and the captain needs to know his team mates and how to get the best out of them. Some players will respond to gentle encouragement, others will respond to a more direct approach, some players will be inexperienced, some battle scarred veterans, the captain must be a good judge of character and know which approach to use. In regards to the above, I am not sure if the shortened season gives enough time for those joining after the Nash trade to get to know their team mates, despite all that has happened in that shortened season it was still just a little over three months. Is that enough time to develop that experience with the team ? I would contend that it would not.

I suspect what I have just written is obvious, but we also need to look at some intangibles, not necessarily something which we can measure quantitatively. Related to the commitment and self sacrifice, we want someone that is happy to be in Columbus, we want someone that that considers it be a honor to play for the Bluejackets, an honor to represent the founding ideals behind the team. The captain’s attitude is going to rub off on his team mates. A contented captain will have beneficial effect on the locker room. A miserable captain, just the opposite. We want a captain that makes time for the fans and plays an active part in the community. The captain is going to become the face of our franchise. We want them to be a stand up decent guy, one that earns the admiration and respect of the fans not by virtue of being the captain, but by force of his personality, by being that stand up guy. One that makes a difference to the community in Columbus and in the process inspires others to make a difference to their community. The Bluejackets are much more than just sixty minutes of hockey on a game night, they have also shown a determination to be a part of the Columbus community and the captain should be part of that.

Having completed what is a long shopping list of what the captain should be, we need to consider some names. Part Two will follow shortly and will look at some of the possible candidates for the Captain’s role, unless the Jackets beat me to it by announcing the Captain on game night.


  1. Jason Newland

    October 4, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Im thinking JMFJ or Dubi!

  2. Dave Thomas

    October 4, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    I can see JJ getting it or Wiz, but Dubi. I have a feeling it will be revealed during the opening festivities

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