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CBJ vs Avs 10/12/2010 – Preview

After the ass-kicking the Blue Jackets gave to the Blues on Wednesday, I am sure that there are at least a few more fans interested in tonights game than usual. I predict at least a small rise in attendance at Nationwide.

Now tonights game is going to be very interesting, for several reasons.

  1. The Jackets are still riding on the high they got from that victory on Wednesday. Beating the Blues was one thing, but absolutely destroying them the way the did is another. This can be a huge boost in confidence for the Jackets, which could fuel them to another hard game, and another victory. However, this new found confidence could also kill the Jackets. For example, look at the Carolina Hurricanes. They beat the Oilers on Tuesday 7-1, and Thursday turned around and lost to the Flyers 8-1. Long story short, don’t get cocky Jackets!
  2. The injuries. Both teams are riddled with injuries. The Jackets will most probably be playing without Rick Nash this evening. Most people look at Nash as the saving grace of the Blue Jackets, me personally, I can take him or leave him. I personally think the team will do just fine without him but that is just one man’s opinion. Nikita Filatov and Derek MacKenzie, are also questionable for tonights game. I predict that Filatov will be in, but who knows. Both Andrew Murray and Mike Blunden will likely be added to the lineup. The Avalanche also have several injured players. Most of the defensive line is out, but the one that Jackets fans care most about is Adam Foote. He will not be playing tonight, recovering from a concussion. Which is probably for the best, as playing in Columbus Foote playing may run a chance of a slightly larger injury.

  3. 5 strait losses. The Jackets have lost their last 5 meetings with the Avalanche. This has to put a lot of pressure on the team. Sooner or later the streak has to end, let’s hope that is tonight.

The Jackets will have Steve Mason in the net tonight. Mason is an amazing player, but lacks the consistency that you would expect at this level of play. He was in the net when the Jackets beat the Blues 8-1, but he can not be credited to the win. He played a fairly solid game, but there were several missed opportunities by the Blues. There was more than one occasion that there was an open net, and that just can’t continue to happen. On the plus side, there were some simply incredible saves by Mason. You can see that Mason leaves me on the fence.

So waht are your thoughts on tonights game? What will result from Nash’s absence?


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