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CannonFest VI Is Almost Here!

I was extremely lucky enough to be at the first annual #CBJ Community Convention at Scioto Downs when they announced CannonFest VI would be August 23rd.  Those in attendance immediately tweeted it out and facebook’d it.

Most fans were excited that it was going to be held close to the arena at Dicks Last Resort, just a few feet from the front doors of NWA.  Some thought it was a bit of a stretch.  I was excited for it.  As much fun as we had last year at a new venue, having it here should be equally as fun.

Every year this event gets bigger and bigger.  It would be awesome to eventually outgrow all restaurant style venues and be forced to move it to the Convention Center or a huge facility like that!  Baby steps I guess.

I have been to a few so far, but last year was the best yet, and I expect this year to be even better.

I got to finally put a face to twitter names and got to meet new people.  I hung out with fellow contributor @jbgrube21 and had a few adult beverages.  Got to chat it up with @boones_goons and the boys at the @TheCBJArtillery for a bit.  Yes folks, they do exist and are not just figments of your imagination.

Everyone watched as a CBJ fan won 100 years worth of free pizza.  Kids and adults were winning some awesome prizes.  Some of which made me jealous.  This year I will try my best to win some stuff! Although I won’t be mad if I don’t.

Alex Wennberg was in attendance and was interviewed by Dave Maetzold, which really excited the crowd.  Who will be coming in this year for a surprise visit?  We’ve been teased a bit from the piece on CannonFest on

Everyone show up so we can outgrow another venue!

I encourage you all to come.

I want to meet you all.

It should be fun.


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