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  1. NASHis#1

    December 7, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Sorry buddy but Nash is OUR Captain and will always be OUR Captain.. You have NASH featuring your page wearing the one and only “C” on the team, way to campaign.. Umberger well deserves the “A” as with Vermette, but to say Umberger is the Captain of our team is silly.. You are embarrassing yourself in front of us PSL holders that are left.. Puck-Rakers for life..

  2. jwsharp

    December 7, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    The players and coaches that are in the dressing room get to pick the captain…not the fans. This whole debate is speculation about what goes on largely outside of the fans purview. We as fans do not have the whole picture as to if Nash is a good captain or is too quiet. Umberger appears to play hard every shift but none of us fans can attest to what happens behind the scenes. It should be noted that a true leader leads regardless of if there is a letter pinned on his jersey or not.

    YES Hockey is primary a ticket driven sport which means those that attend the games in person largely fund the organizations they cheer for. YES given what I just said teams should be directly accountable to their fans…yet that will never equal fans having any say in who is selected captain, who plays when or exactly how overpriced the beer will be sold for in any given season. Hockey operation are handled by front office and the players and coaches. We fans, generally speaking, are merely along for the ride. We can provide feedback to the organization in many ways but the most effective way we voice our approval and support (or lack thereof) is through the team’s ticket window.

  3. Craig Layne

    December 7, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    @NASHis#1: I don’t mind if you use a screen name. I like having your comments, good or bad, bashing my opinion, or for my opinion. But please use a valid email if you would like your future comments to be published. As far as your comment goes, of course I have Nash on my page, after all he IS the captain, and just because I feel that there is a better man for the job, doesn’t automatically make it so. I wish I were that important, haha. Not once have I said that Umby “IS” captain, I just think he SHOULD be captain, big difference. And what do you care if I embarrass myself? Trust me, I am far from embarrassed, and your comment anonymously on here, or in person will change the fact that I like to voice my opinion.

    @jwsharp: You are absolutely right! On almost everything you said! NASHis#1 should be taking notes from your comment. Yes, a leader should, and will lead no matter what is on his jersey, C, A or no letter at all. And you are right, as a fan just watching the games, and media coverage, I have no way of seeing the behind the scenes, or the big picture. But what I see on game day, is Umberger stepping up! And Nash, not so much. And therefore, I would like to see Umby take the C.

    Will it happen? Most likely not. Will voicing my opinion here make any difference? Absolutely not! But this, and other blogs are based solely on opinion, and are here for entertainment. If I just went with the flow and let the team do their thing, and me just watch I might as well close this place down.

    Should the teams be accountable? Absolutely! But they aren’t and aren’t going to be, it’s just how things are.

    And finally, when I attend a game, I may bitch about the $8 a beer, but you better believe that I would drink the same amount if they were more or less!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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