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When the game started last night, a game vs the Dallas Stars, I had never been more confident in a team that I have rooted for, for 14 years.  Everyone from the team, down to the fans, knew this team would win the game and clinch a Stanley Cup Playoff berth.  Of course it helped that the boys were starting the game with a 1-0 lead.

When Arty Party scored to make it 1-0, ooops, I mean 2-0, I knew the Stars were in for a long night.  And then just a few minutes later, while at the tail end of a four minute power play, and Mark Letestu scored to make it 2-0, jeeez I mean 3-0, I made a comment on twitter that “with 50 minutes left in the game, Stars fans are heading for the exits”.  I’m sure they didn’t, but you get the idea.

Of Course I knew the game wasn’t actually over, The Dallas Stars are pros, and were not going to give up that easily.  But, the rest of the first, and entire 2nd period went goal free.  And then came the third, and so did the Stars desperate play.  Remember, these guys are fighting for a playoff spot too, they’re not going to quit.   A very odd moment came with about 12 minutes left in the 3rd period, when Stars coach Lindy Ruff pulled his goalie, Tim Thomas for an extra attacker.  I personally had never seen that done before so early in a game.  The CBJ had several chances at the empty net, but missed.  I would imagine, when you see the other team pull their goal tender with 12 minutes left in a game, a bit of excitement comes over you, knowing that if you can just clear the puck just enough and get a decent shot, the game would be iced.  But, that did not happen.  Instead there was a flurry in front of Bob, and Trevor Daley was able to bang one home.  I don’t know about you, but with the recent struggles late in the game, giving up very late goals, I got a tad nervous.

The game ended 3-1, in favor of our beloved boys in Union Blue!  Yes, I yelled, and stirred my 3 year old while he was sleeping.  I did have to watch the game by myself, and it was probably a good thing too, because I did get kind of emotional.  While I didn’t  all out tear up, my eyes did get watery, I’m man enough to admit it.  With the amount of money, time, energy and just all out trying to convince fans to stay on the wagon, this was a very happy day.  In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m starting to grin, a lot!  Soak it in ladies and gentlemen, our team is in the playoffs!  Its been a long winding road, but this is not the finish line.  I’m not content with these guys just getting a wild card, and I know for a fact they are not either.  The CBJ can still catch Philly and NYR.  Why can’t they catch the Flyers and take 3rd place?  Why can’t they play the Bruins or Penguins or Rangers and win? Why not us?

So stand up, take a breath, go outside and yell it – THE JACKETS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! This team deserves it for how hard they worked this year.  Us fans deserve it for all the energy we put into supporting this team.  And don’t think for one minute that JD, Jarmo and all the coaches and players don’t know how hard we work.  They see it. CBJ-CBJ-CBJ-CBJ-CBJ!

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