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It’s In The Books:November

The month of November was filled with ups and downs for the Jackets!  They played 16 games but only won 5. Finishing with a 5-11 record for the month.  Many fans will look at this as the deciding month as to whether or not we make the playoffs, but I disagree!  Although you WILL NEVER hear management, the players or coaches make excuses other than effort for the losses, Injuries have plagued this team from the start, and that, is the reality!  Nathan Horton, Brandon Dubinsky, Marian Gaborik, Jared Boll, Derek Mackenzie all have been on IR, with a bunch of others having minor injuries that required some down time.

November was also the month of weird.  The CBJ haven’t gone back to back games without earning a point since November 7th.  And they haven’t won back to back games since October 26th.  Just back and forth wins and losses.  And with that being said, the Jackets record is 10-14-3 with 23 Points, good enough for 7th in the Metro.  With this up and down play, it lead to me coin the term – CBJ – The Columbus Bi-polar Jackets!  Yes, that was me, I started that! (Laugh Out Loud)

Some good has come of some of the injuries.  Ryan Johansen is playing out of his mind.  With Dubinsky going down, Johansen has not only taken the lead in goals, but overall points as well.  His star is shining bright now, and that makes me happy.   Aside from Ryan, scoring is being done by committee.  He has 10 goals, but the other top scorers are all hovering at 5 or 6 goals.  I don’t mind seeing others score, I’m not one to necessarily think that we need a 50 or 60 goal scorer.  As long as guys score, and we win, I could care less.  And scoring is, and will continue to be an issue this season.  Mr. Horton is close to returning, so we shall see how he contributes.

I’m done talking about November, it was a crazy month that needs to stay behind the team!  It’s time for December.  The CBJ have 13 games this month.  Starting against the Tampa Bay Lighting and concluding against the Colorado Avalanche on New Years Eve! 7 of those games are in the friendly confines!  If Horton, Boll and Mackenzie come back soon, this should be a decent month.  They just need to stay competitive, not drop too many and they will stay close to that 3rd spot in the Metro.  Here’s to a Great Month Boys!

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