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The Blue Jackets success at the draft(or lack thereof)-2nd Round

Back again to help figure out how the Blue Jackets have done at the NHL Draft. Last time I did the first round this time I’ll be focusing on the second round or as it should be called “the draft pick graveyard” but I’ll explain that in a bit. In the Jackets 11 drafts they’ve selected 13 players in the second round having no picks twice(00, 06) and two picks four times(01, 04, 07, 10). Now in my first round post I didn’t talk about the 09,10 drafts as for the second round I’m going to stop before 07 draft with most being unsigned prospects. The only exceptions are Cody Goloubef(08) who just finished his rookie season in the AHL and one of the picks in the 07 draft that has since been traded after retiring from hockey for a summer and returning, him i’ll talk about. Of the 13 selections five are still with the organization(the prospects and Goloubef mentioned above) and only 4 of the other picks played for the Blue Jackets. Those four played 265 games scoring 34 goals with 40 assists for 74 points. Now if you read my first round post we had fun with subtraction let’s do that again, now in the first round we took out the All-Star this time will take out the one who played the most with the Jackets. Taking out 2003 pick Dan Fritsche the Blue Jackets second round picks scored 11 points(5-6-11) in just 59 games played, i’ll give you a second to digest that… these are players that could of been late first round picks and the one with the most NHL experience other than Fritsche isn’t even half a season with Joakim Lindstrom playing 37 games over a few seasons.

2001 2nd Rd Pick: #38 Tim Jackman(RW) Stats: 19GP 1-2-3
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: Fedor Tyutin(#40 NYR) This may seem like another homer pick but of the 10 selected after Jackman(who I’m not gonna lie has become a decent 3rd/4th line enforcer) Toots is the best. Now if I selected a player from the 15 selected after the Jackets we could of picked Mike Cammalleri(#49 LA) who’s fourth among players selected in the 2001 draft.

2001 2nd Rd Pick: #53 Kiel McLeod(C) Stats: Never played for organization
PLAYER WE SHOULD’VE PICKED: Jason Pominville(#55 BUF) If we would’ve selected Pominville we’d have a consistent scoring threat(5 straight 20+ goal seasons) and a sturdy player having played 82 games in 4 of the last 5 seasons.

2002 2nd Rd Pick: #41 Joakim Lindstrom(C) Stats: 37GP 4-4-8
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: Trevor Daley(#43 DAL) Daley would give the Blue Jackets a puck moving dman good for 20+ points a year. Like in 2001 if I could choose from the 15 players selected after the Jackets pick we could of picked Duncan Keith(#54 CHI)

2003 2nd Rd Pick: #46 Dan Fritsche(C) Stats: 206GP 29-34-63
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: Shea Weber(#46 NSH) Yes folks you read that right just 2 picks after ours the evil empire found its future captain and if I really have to explain why this would’ve been a better choice you must be new here. This is the one that annoyed me the most when I went through all the drafts

2004 2nd Rd Pick: #46 Adam Pineault(RW) Stats: 3GP 0-0-0
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: David Booth(#53 FLA) Booth would be a 20 goal threat for the Jackets plus would help the power play with a fourth of his goals being with the man advantage.

2004 2nd Rd Pick: #59 Kyle Wharton(D) Stats: Played 33 games in the AHL
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: There’s a few and their all within the next four picks, three of the next four picks have played at least 200 games in the NHL. The Rangers selected Brandon Dubinsky with the very next pick(179 career points), Alex Golgoski(105) and 2 picks after that the Bruins selected David Krejci. So this was a hat trick of failure for the Blue Jackets if you think about it.

2005 2nd Rd Pick: #55 Adam McQuaid(D) Stats: Never played for organization
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE PICKED: Kris Letang(#62 PIT) Anyone watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs? yeah that Adam McQuaid, he was Blue Jacket prospect until we couldn’t sign him and was traded to Boston for a 5th rd pick that became (drum roll) a whole lot of nothing but more on that in a later post. Now McQuaid was a late second round pick so I had to dig into the early third round and found All-Star and Jakub Voracek’s first fight opponent Kris Letang, giving the Blue Jackets both Letang and Kris Russell(now do the Jackets select Russell having Letang probably not, but that’s not what I’m doing here)

2007 2nd Rd Pick: #37 Stefan Legein(RW) Stats: Only played in AHL
PLAYER WE PROBABLY SHOULD’VE TAKEN: P.K. Subban(#43 MTL) Legein is the player that I spoke of who retired for a summer the came back before being traded to the Flyers for Michael Ratchuk. Subban would give the Blue Jackets a shot of personality plus helping the power play with nine of his 14 goals being on the power play.

The other pick in the 2007 draft was Will Weber who I think is the Blue Jacket’s top unsigned defenseman prospect. The team’s other second round picks are Cody Goloubef who I brought up earlier, Kevin Lynch who is going into his junior year at (brace yourselves) Michigan and the two selected last year Dalton Smith and Petr Sraka. I’ll be back with the third round which could be one of the Jacket’s busier rounds picking 12 players in just eight drafts not selecting in the third round since the 2007 draft. Now maybe I’m overreacting calling it the graveyard of draft picks but just looking over the Jacket’s division opponents each drafting and developing into an established player(CHI-Keith, Crawford DET-Howard, Hudler NSH-Weber, Klein STL-Backes).

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