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Blue Jackets vs Oilers

Let me start by saying that last nights win vs the Red Wings was incredible! This down hill slide has been killing myself and many other dedicated Blue jackets fans, and a shut out in Detroit was just what the doctor ordered. Of course that must continue tonight vs Edmonton.

What to expect tonight:

  1. HD coverage. Fox Sports Ohio is pleasuring us with glorious HD coverage. I am no TV expert, and I don’t really understand the reasoning of not showing a game in HD (especially one in Detroit), but I hear that more games have been in HD this season than last.
  2. Garon or Mason. This has to be a tough choice for Arniel. On one hand, Mason has been doing well, and you want to use him while he is on. On the other hand, the kid needs a break. The Dispatch is reporting that Mason will start, but I am not certain that it is a good decision.
  3. Kristian Huselius. Some are thinking he will/should be scratched again, but I personally expect him back this evening, especially after coach Scott Arniel told the Dispatch this:
  4. “He’s a proud guy and I’m sure he was (ticked) off last night and I’m hoping that brings out the best in him

    In other words, he was trying to motivate Juice into getting back onto his game.

Tonight should really be a gimme for the Blue Jackets. The Oilers are nothing compared to Detroit, and coming off of a shut out victory, the Blue Jackets should have this one in the bag.


  1. Auntyeeuh

    February 5, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    one can only hope that it’ll bring out the best in Juice. the same could have been said about Stralman, but, well, THAT didn’t happen..

    just hand me the match, I’ll light it under their asses!

  2. Craig Layne

    February 5, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks for stopping by Auntyeeuh.

    The thing about Stralman is that, well.. he sucks. There is nothing there to motivate. I have no clue how he made it into the NHL, and am further perplexed as to why he is still here.

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