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The Blue Jackets : 20 Down, 62 To Go!

The first 20 games have flown by at the speed of Cam Atkinson!  Before you know it, we’ll be into the 2nd round of the playoffs, with the CBJ up 3-0 against whatever team has decided to step up and get beat by the Jackets.  I realize that last part is wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen still.  After 20 games, the Jackets sit at 7-10-3 with 17 points, good enough for 7th in the Metro, and 13th in the East.  There’s still a ton of hockey to be played.  Players like Horton and Calvert will be healthy soon, suiting up, and taking the ice.  So lets take a look at the games and stats shall we.

So far this season the CBJ have scored 51 goals, that puts them 18th in the league.  In goals against the Jackets are 21st, giving up 56.  Here’s a breakdown of the Blue Jacket goal scorers so far:

6 – Ryan Johansen (Yes, that Ryan Johansen)

5  -Gaborik, Umberger, Dubinsky, Atkinson & Anisimov

Before the season I predicted that Brandon Dubinsky would lead the team in points, while Marian Gaborik led the way in Goals.  So far this is kind of trending that way.  Although I don’t expect Gaborik to be around long enough to get enough points to lead the team. I guess you can read into that what you want!  We all knew that scoring would be an issue before the season started, but I am liking the fact that so many guys are scoring.  To have 5 guys tied with 5 goals, that shows me that the team is not selfish at all.  Everyone scores every chance they get.


14 – Wisniewski

10 – Dubinsky

7 – Johansen (Yes, that Ryan Johansen)


16 – Wisniewski

15 – Dubinsky

13 – Johansen (Yes, th…Ok you get my point!)

Sergei Bobrovsky came alive the other night against the Ottawa Senators.  Played arguably his best game of the season, coming up about 4 minutes shy of his 1st shutout of the season.  I give him a pass on that 1 goal though, as his team was defending a 2 man advantage for Ottawa!  Bobrovsky has shown flashes of last year, and he had also shown his Mason side.  I prefer Vezina Bobrovsky, as I’m sure you all do as well. His stats are as follows”

Record : 6-8-2

G.A.A – 2.72

SV% – .912

I am still holding out hope that after the injury bug passes, and everyone is back and healthy, that this team will make a charge towards the top of the Metro Division.  After 20 games, and 2 separate 4 game + losing streaks, the CBJ are only 3 points out of the 3rd place position.  I will continue to Carry The Flag and Continue to Join The Battle!  I expect all of you to do the same.



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