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CBJ Playoff Hockey : Game 1

Last night at 730 pm was the night we’d all waited for – PLAYOFF HOCKEY FOR THE COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS!  My brother came over to watch the game with me.  Even my better half was excited.  Her boss is from Pittsburgh, so of course he was throwing his two cents around all week.  But she did wear her Nathan Horton shirt to work just to make him mad!  My 3 year old son stayed up for the first period, and actually sat on his uncles lap and watched most of it.  Of course when Jack Johnson scored the first goal of the game, and we yelled, it freaked him out and he ran to me, scared!

I didn’t know what kind of expectations to have.  A lot of people said the CBJ had ZERO shot at winning a game, let alone the series.  But a lot of people were saying that Fleury wont be able to handle this series, in his head. So I just sat back and watched.  Knowing that the first 10 minutes of the game, would more than likely set the tone for the entire game.

When Jack Johnson scored, it was like a relief.  The CBJ managed to score the first goal and get that monkey of their backs.  It took 10 minutes for the Pens to respond, and honestly I was shocked it took them that long to score.  But then 45 seconds later, my guy, Mark Letestu scored a power play goal to take the lead again.  Again, my son got scared.

I told my brother before the second period started, that I expect the Pens to come out guns ablazin’.  Well, it was Derek Mackenzie that came out fast, scoring a short handed goal to make it 3-1.  I took a deep breath, and whispered to my wife “Shhhhh dont say a word!”  And just like that the Pens score 2 goals in 45 seconds.  I was not surprised, I didn’t even make a sound.  Mainly because we had put my son to bed, and I didn’t want to wake him.  But also because I knew this was coming. We’ve all seen it before, just with different teams.  Overall, the teams scored 3 goals in the first 2:19 of the second period.

When the Pens scored the go ahead goal, I knew the boys were in deep.  Of course I had faith, no one is more positive than me when it comes to this team, but the Pens are shut down, and that’s what they did!  The CBJ couldn’t muster anymore goals.

As much as I was frustrated with that loss, I never let it make me angry.  Its obvious this team can play with the Pens, now they just need to put it together.  I expect both teams to get better for Game 2, and it should be fun to watch.  Stay the course guy and gals, we have a good team to watch.  Lets be that 5th Line from home on Saturday!  They know we’re watching.  CBJ-CBJ-CBJ-CBJ-CBJ!



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