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The 2013-14 Season Is Finally Here!

Well fans, here it is.  We are merely hours from the start of the 2013-14 CBJ season!  I have a few different emotions flowing through me today.  The 2 biggest emotions I have going on right now is, I’m excited and nervous.  Excited because I love Hockey season, especially the Blue Jackets obviously.  And nervous because I have no idea what to expect.  Going into to past seasons, you kind of knew we were going to be bad, but nobody really wanted to talk about it.  This season, we know were good, the question is, How Good?

Several questions remain un-answered going into tonight’s game vs the Calgary Flames.  Who is going to be the captain?  Will Bob play like he did last year?  Who is going to step up and lead this team in goals and points?  And the most important question for me, How many games will I be able to go to this year?

I guess the only left to do is play the games.  And it starts tonight versus our old Western Conference foes, the Calgary Flames.  Its kind of ironic, we move into the East, and our first game is against a Western Conference team.  But hey it’ll be fun to boo those old rivals.  So from me to you, my fellow CBJ fans, Good season to you all, and make sure you Carry The Flag wherever you go!  IT’S JACKETS TIME!!

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