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The 2013-14 CBJ Gave Us Quite A Ride!

When the 2013-14 season started, I don’t think any of us had a real clue what to expect.  We knew that Nathan Horton wouldn’t play until January.  We knew that we had Bob.  That’s about it really.

The real question was who was going to score goals for this team.  We knew we had Marian Gaborik, but hat was quickly put to rest when his injuries started to mount up on him.  The scoring question was answered in the form of Ryan Johansen.  Mr Johansen, your table is ready sir! He had a monster year, netting 33 goals. HE. HAS. ARRIVED!

The CBJ set a record for most goals scored by a Jackets team. But how?  We don’t have any scorers, right? Wrong! The CBJ had Eight guys score 10 or more goals, with 7 of those guys scoring 15 or more.  Matt Calvert just missed the list with nine goals.  Derek Mackenzie had nine as well.  Everyone seemed to contribute to the scoring.  At one point in the season, the 4th line seemed to be outscoring the top lines.  Opposing teams were just as scared of the 4th line as the first.

James Wisniewski, for all of the negativity he drew from fans this year, actually had a career year.  He set a CBJ record for assists in a season with 44.  His play in the playoffs left something to be desired, but all in all, I like the guy.  Just not sure if he will be around next season or not.  He helped Ryan Murray out a bunch this season.  Johansen and Brandon Dubinsky had over 30 helpers for the season, with Jack Johnson finishing with 28.

Goal tending we knew wouldn’t be an issue as long as Bob played like he knows how to.  An early injury almost crushed those hopes.  But solid back up goal tending from Curtis McElhinney or as I call him, The Mac Daddy, coupled with the play of Springfield Falcons starting goalie Mike McKenna or as I called him, The Daddy Mac, kept the CBJ afloat just long enough for Bob to return.  And return he did, helping the Jackets to a record 8 game winning streak.  Bob is here to stay!

This team didn’t back their way into the playoffs like they did back in 08-09, they played their way in.  We all got to witness a few very important things during this playoff series with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The first thing was that this team is awesome.  They play hard, will crush you if need be, and never gives up, EVER!  Second, the fans! CBJ fans showed just how passionate we are about hockey.  We love this team.  Everywhere I turned, all I heard was “Loudest Building in the NHL” and “Fans standing half the game, what are they crazy?”  Yes we are! We are crazy about this team.  Penguin fans couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that the team and the Fans were not going to just roll over and let them win, just because! The team did everything in their power to win games, and the home fans did everything in their power to turn our building into a true Home Ice.  We effectively kept the majority of Pens fans out, we never sat down, and we never shut up! get used to it NHL fans, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! #WeAreThe5thLine

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