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10 Games to Go: Buckle Up!

It seems like yesterday CBJ fans were sitting around and waiting for the 2013-14 NHL season to start.  From the day we found out that Nathan Horton had signed with the team, the excitement began to really take hold.

The Hug

The Hug

We’re now 72 games into the season.  After starting out kind of slow the first few months in terms of play, and what seemed like every player on the roster getting hurt, the season turned a corner…JUST IN TIME! The scariest part was in December, when Bob went down with a groin injury.  But, he came back in early January and has played like the Vezina winner he is. Also coming back from injury in January was Nathan Horton. Well, not really coming back, but making his debut.  He immediately scored a goal in his first game a Jacket!

Starting on January 6th, this team embarked on an epic win streak, a franchise best eight game win streak to be exact.  Four of those wins coming against Metropolitan teams, two against Atlantic teams and two Western Conference teams.  Five of those teams are fighting for playoff spots.  This was no easy task, but these boys pulled it off.  The Jackets earned 20 points in January, by far the best month in team history.  It was an exciting month to say the least.  We wont speak of the three game losing streak to follow up the eight game win streak.

The Olympic break was the most brutal stretch of the season.  Two plus weeks with no NHL hockey, only Olympic hockey.  Four Jackets made the trip to Sochi, all of our Russians played for Team Russia in their home country.  An honor I’m sure, but back home we all hoped that they would stay healthy.  But we soon learned that Fedor Tyutin suffered an ankle injury and was forced to miss some games, we were sad.

March started out fast, going 4-1 during the first 5 games. Then in Dallas on March 10th, tragedy struck!  Rich Peverley fell victim to a cardiac event while coming onto the bench after finishing a shift.  A terrible scene to witness on TV, let alone in person.  He was carried down the ramp and had to be resuscitated.  Both teams left the ice, and the NHL informed them that the game would be cancelled at that time, and was later re-scheduled for April 9th.  Peverley held a news conference just 2 days later to announce he would obviously not be playing the remainder of the season, and would be under going some more evaluations in Cleveland.  That event had some of us hugging our kids and spouses a little tighter that night.

Going into tonight’s game vs the Penguins, the CBJ are 8-4-1 in the month of March.  They currently have 80 points, and occupy the first playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  Bobrovsky should be starting his 20th game in a row, he has been sick, and as of this morning, no word has been given to whether or not hes starting.  I assume he will at least start the game, he is Bob after all.

10 games left, and games in hand versus the other teams in the playoff race, should make this a wild few weeks.  For the second season in a row, this team is playing meaningful games late in the season, and I like it!  As nerve racking as it is, it’s what we have waited 14 years for.  So, buckle up and enjoy the ride, its going to be wild!  IT’S JACKETS TIME!


  1. Joell

    March 28, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    “we we’re sad.” ?

  2. Jason Newland

    March 28, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    Sad that Tyutin had to miss games, after suffering an injury in the Olympics

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